Our School in Montevideo, Uruguay

Our school in Montevideo is located in a beautiful building in the safe, central and leafy Parque Rodó neighbourhood, downtown Montevideo. The school classrooms and office are on the ground floor and the student residence is upstairs in the same building.

The school is located about 9 blocks from the centre and 7 blocks from the nearest beach. There are shops, restaurants, markets, supermarkets, bus services and an ATM within a five-block radius. The main bus terminal is also within walking distance, so it is easy to plan and make trips outside of Montevideo at the weekends.

The Spanish language school is dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Uruguay. All our classrooms are equipped with the most advanced resources to support teaching activities.

There are four fully equipped classrooms with whiteboards, large windows, heaters in winter, a CD and DVD player. The school also has a patio downstairs and roof terraces on two floors.

A big coffee Salon to enjoy your class breaks and have a great time meeting other students.

The majority of hotels, commercial, banking and entertainment areas are located in this borough. This zone constitutes an important commercial, industrial, cultural and communication center for the country.

The school in Uruguay has all facilities, well-equipped classrooms, and a student room for class breaks to talk, drink coffee and read magazines or newspapers, sharing experiences with other students. Audio/video systems and a computer lab, free Internet access, Wifi access, videos and computers.

Shared areas include the living-dining room and the large kitchen, and there are two bathrooms. In addition there is a staff room, a large entrance hall and the office.

The school has Wi-Fi throughout and there is a computer for the students to use.



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